Roese Contracting Co., Inc.
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Our Company

Our History

R.Roese Contracting Co., Inc., was established in 1968 and quickly built a reputation as a company that provided quality construction services while completing projects with the toughest of deadlines. By continuing our high level of services and quality work, R.Roese was able to develop into a national company with multiple locations in the United States. At present, over 150 employees and our large inventory of equipment (suitable for any size project) allow R.Roese to continue to grow and create more employment opportunities in the process.

Our Philosophy

Quality. Commitment. Teamwork. Satisfaction.

These four words summarize what R.Roese is all about. We believe in providing quality work for our customers. We believe in meeting deadlines, even the tough ones, as part of our commitment to working with our customers. Without teamwork and a solid, quality workforce, R.Roese wouldn’t be able to provide the quality and commitment. Satisfaction…a measurement of our customers’ completed projects and a measurement of our employees’ happiness in working as a team to get jobs done.

Our Team

R.Roese could not be as successful as we are without the hard work and dedication of our employees. Actually, we don’t even like to think of people as employees, but rather as team members all working toward a common goal. Whether it is the project manager, the estimator, the construction crew, or the accounting department, everyone at R.Roese is important to providing our customers with high quality, on time work performance.

Our Commitment

To Customers

R.Roese is a multifaceted company that provides all levels of underground construction. We’ve completed hundreds of projects, with most of them having the most demanding timelines possible. Our reputation is built on the successes we’ve had, and growing from a small company in Kawkawlin, Michigan, to a nation-wide company is proof of our outstanding work.

We provide services such as:

At R.Roese, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any underground or aerial project regardless of size or location. Just call us at 1-800-860-4385 to get underway.

To Employees

At R.Roese, our goal is to create engaging employment opportunities that challenge each and every employee. We also realize that R.Roese would not be able to provide a high level of service and quality to our customers without our employees. We work hard at helping create job opportunities in the community and then working to make sure that R.Roese helps each person maintain a work-life balance.

To Safety

Of utmost importance is the safety of everyone working for R.Roese. We offer ongoing training programs to keep people safe and send out regular safety bulletins. At R.Roese, our goal is zero safety related injuries.